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The OCP is BWC's voluntary rate program for private, state-fund employers currently participating in a group-rating program. The OCP is designed to help employers with minimal claims lessen the financial impact of a single uncharacteristic claim. In order to qualify, the claim must be entering your experience and must have caused your removal from a group-rating program. Eligible employers will receive a 40-percent discount off of their base rate for up to four years while the one significant claim remains in their experience.

In addition to the 40-percent discount, the OCP provides an opportunity for employers to work closely with their managed care organizations, third party administrators and BWC representatives to gain a better

“They have an experienced, courteous, and professional staff, and they have helped our company to effectively manage our workers’ compensation claims and control our premium costs.”

–John S. Santisi, President
Phoenix Supermarkets, Inc.
understanding of claims management and work to prevent future claims. A strong relationship with workers' compensation partners and effective claims management can help employers get back into a group-rating program more quickly.

As a bonus, employers may also participate in BWC's Drug-Free Workplace Program or Drug-Free EZ and stack the drug-free premium discount on top of the OCP base rate discount.

To be eligible for the OCP, a participant must:

  • Be a private, state-fund employer;
  • Be currently enrolled in a group-rating program;
  • Have a single significant claim entering their experience that prevents them from being renewed for their group-rating program;
  • Not have more than three medical-only claims in addition to the one significant, lost-time claim during the past five years;
  • Be current (no more than 45 days past due) on any premiums, assessments or other monies due to BWC.

To maintain eligibility in the OCP, employers must:

  • Not allow the total cost of the three medical-only claims to exceed their expected losses - also known as total limited losses - calculated for that policy year;
  • Attend BWC's annual Workers' Compensation University and at least one other BWC-approved training course each policy year;
  • Remain current on any premiums, assessments or other monies due to BWC.

One Claim Program Application

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