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All requests for partial payment plans are reviewed by the Accounts Receivable Collections unit. After review, Collections will notify the employer of the decision to approve or deny their request.

The following should be submitted with original request:

  1. A 25% down payment (must be secured funds. Example: money order, cashiers check)
  2. The completed payroll report – DP-21.
  3. A copy of the employer’s most recent financial statement or income tax return.
  4. A letter requesting a payment plan. The letter should give a brief explanation as to why they need a payment plan and give a contact person’s name and daytime telephone number (This person must have the authority to agree to a payment schedule.)
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The above items should be mailed to:

Payment Plan Request
P.O. Box 15875
Columbus, OH 43125-0875

If approved, the balance will be certified to the Attorney General’s office for final payment arrangements. Payment plans require a lien being placed. Once the lien is filed it becomes public information and can affect their credit history. The Attorney General is currently charging 5% interest. Once the payment plan has been completed, a lien release is sent directly to the employer. It is the employer’s responsibility to take the lien release to the County Recorder’s Office and the Clerk of Courts and have it filed. The employer pays the cost of having the lien released.

Certificates of coverage will be issued by the Collection Unit on a 30 day basis. If the employer fails to keep the agreed upon payment schedule, the coverage will lapse as of the default date.

Employers participating in group rating plans cannot have an outstanding balance on their account as of December 31 of each year and still be accepted into group rating.

Any outstanding balance for premium (current period, old period, audit findings, prior to coverage premium, rate changes, penalties, premium security deposit billings, VSSR ) can be set up on a payment plan. The above procedures will be followed in all cases.

Non-compliance billings (IC-27) cannot be included in payment plans.

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